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Reading to your children, right from infancy, strengthens your relationship with them, makes them feel loved and secure, and better prepares them for success in life.

Why read to your child?

Reading aloud to your child is the most important way to ensure success in reading. Having a parent cuddle with the child and read an enjoyable book gives them a good feeling about reading, and an entertaining way to practice learning vocabulary and reading comprehension.

Even before they can understand what's being read, they enjoy the cuddling and socializing with the parent. It gives them a sense of security. This cannot take place with TV, audiobooks, or other devices. Save these devices for when the child is a little older. The more you speak directly to your child, the better his/her growth and development will be.

When to Start?

Educatyion experts believe children should be read to from when they are six months old, but it's never to early to start. And it's never to late to start! If you haven't started already, do it now!

An infant or toddler might not understand, and might not pay attention for long, but just keep trying each day for as long as they are willing to listen. A very simple story and expecially rhyming will catch their interest better.

Keep reading for as many years as they will listen. Even older children who can read by themselves can benefit from being read to,m and may still enjoy it as a parent-child activity.

Some Tips

Read often. Every day.

Keep it short. If the child loses interest, don't force them. Try again later in the day, or next day.

Short rhymes, such as the Nursery Rhymes, and Dr. Seuss' "Hop on Pop" can catch a very young child's interest more easily. They find the rhymes amusing.

Clear, colorful pictures add interest.

Make it fun. Read slowly and with expression. You can change voices for different characters and emotions.

Don't push the child to learn the letters and words. Too much emphasis on the learning aspect will take away the pleasure of reading.

Be patient if your child wants the same book read over and over. It may take more than once for them to understand the story. They might really enjoy a certain story, or like the predictability of hearing one they know.

Getting Books

It doesn't need to cost money to read to your children. Books can be borrowed free from the public library. They can be bought cheaply at thrift stores and tag sales. The South Windsor Lions Club is placing free books that you can keep at the following locations:

South Windsor Parks & Recreation, 150 Nevers Road, South Windsor

United Bank, 869 Sullivan Avenue, South Windsor

Read to Your Baby is a service project of The Lions Club of South Windsor, Incorporated
as part of Lions Club International's Reading Action Program

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